Skating Rinks That Will Leave Your Wheels Spinning

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Skating rinks has been a staple of American culture for decades. From the first skates invented in 1760 to modern rinks that leave you hungry for more… Check out a few of the great American Rinks and tell us which crazy rink you’re going to try first!
There is no shortage of Roller Skating Rinks in our great country, but the new roller skating rink at Pier 2 in New York, New York just might set the standard. The rink is located at Brooklyn Bridge Park and features an open-air roller skating rink with a fabulous view of the Brooklyn Bridge and they New York City Skyline. They have public skate sessions, cater to parties of any size, and cater to people of any age. Skate Rental is only 6 dollars, and they offer discounted rates on admission on certain days of the year. Roller Skating with a view what could be better?

Skate Town just outside of Cincinnati Ohio, is amazing roller rink that boost two roller rinks. One rink features a regular hard wood roller skating rink that is open to public skating and the other has a full roller hockey rink complete with locker rooms and a scoreboard for any roller hockey tournaments. The two rinks make this a go to place for family fun.

If you are in the Oregon area, don’t forget to check out Oaks Park amusement Park and Skating Rink. This skating rink will take you back to the days of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. It has an amazing Disco era feel, and they offer public skating sessions daily, and features music from a real Wurlitzer pipe organ as well as a Disc Jockey playing all types of music from every genre.

And last but not least, if you visit Omaha, Nebraska, be sure to check out Skate Daze, which boost a beautifully polished retro hard wood floor, as well as other family amusement center features such as a rock climbing wall, laser tag center, and a modern bumper car area.

Go Ahead, Get Your Skate On!